5 ways to boost your Facebook Fanpage LIKES!

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How to Get more Facebook Fanpage Likes

5 ways to boost your Facebook Fanpage LIKES!

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Looking for ways to boost the LIKES on your Facebook Business Page?

1.  Don’t forget to use the “invite” friends option. You can invite your personal friends from your personal Facebook profile…or even invite through your email account.  Take advantage of that!

2. Post INTERESTING content.  Make sure your content isn’t always about YOU. Use the 80/20 rule.  80% of your content should be valuable and interesting information that would appeal to your target demographic.  The other 20% can be about you and your business.  Make sure it doesn’t come across to “sales-pitchy”.  Facebook users have been clear about not wanting to be “sold to” on Facebook.

3. Use images and videos.  Images are KEY when attracting someone on Facebook.  People scroll through their timelines very quickly so you will need to attract their attention with an appealing image.  If you are using a video, keep in mind that Facebook will auto-play your video and it will reach MORE people if you upload it directly to Facebook rather than sharing a Youtube link.

4. Get personal! It’s your business so why not let people see YOU.  It’s easier to build relationships with potential clients or customers when they get to know you a little better.  You don’t need to add photo’s of your children, but certainly share pictures of your weekend hike or maybe the family pet; Facebook users LOVER animals.

5. Try some Facebook Ads. Facebook ads can yield results.  If you are going to try out some LIKE ads be prepared to spend anywhere from $.50 to $1.50 per like.  If you can get the cost under a dollar per LIKE then you are doing well.

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If you are interested in running Facebook Ads but are confused about the process, connect with Natalie and she will help set that up for you!

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