Meet Natalie- Social Media Specialist

Natalie’s Story

Natalie was born an entrepreneur, and started her first business at age 18. She spent years struggling to make any of her several business ideas turn a profit. Some ideas performed well, some ideas held their own, and some ideas full-on failed. The failures only gave her more steam to push through to the next project. Natalie was always willing to jump into her next venture with both feet and kicked up a lot of dust working tireless hours trying to make ends meet. For many years she managed to work full time, with at-risk youth, earning a steady paycheque to support her family and  business efforts.

In 2010, Natalie started networking with other small business owners in her area to promote her Silver Jewellery Business.  Other members of the networking group noticed that Natalie’s Jewellery Business had a positive presence on Facebook. It wasn’t long before the other members started saying “Help me Natalie, help me set my business up on Facebook”.  Natalie willingly helped many of the members get their business profiles running on Facebook. The word started to spread and soon Natalie was getting regular requests from Businesses for Social Media help.

A new business was born! Within a year Natalie had sold her Jewellery Business, resigned from her job and was helping several new clients find success on Facebook and other Social Media platforms. “Help Me Natalie Social Media Management” now has 20 clients. “Sometimes you need relax and let the dust settle so you can see the path that’s right in front of you” states Natalie when sharing her Story of Success. She enjoys sharing the strategy she uses to build relationships between her clients and their customers/potential customers. Learn key elements that have brought success to her client’s on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz and more.





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