Facebook Business Pages

Facebook remains the number one Social Media platform. If you are considering the idea of launching your business into the world of Social Media I suggest Facebook as the place to start. There are two main types of identities you can create on Facebook. The first is a Facebook “Profile”. A Facebook profile is more of a personal identity. This is where you add friends, connect with all your peeps from high school and post selfies of you and your dog. Some businesses have used these personal “profiles” as a way to connect with clients. I’m sure this works for some businesses, but I would suggest going with a more professional approach…and so does Facebook. You need to set up a Facebook PAGE for your business. A “page” differs from a “profile” in that you do NOT have to accept friend requests. It’s a page that anyone can come and LIKE. This is also a great way to represent your business in a professional manner without mixing in too much of your personal life.

Setting up a Business Page is fairly easy depending on your online skills. Easy for me…but maybe NOT so easy for my parents; and they are actually quite online savvy for their age. They like to sit around on their iPads all day playing casino games and viewing animal videos on Facebook. If you are ready to get your business started on Facebook on your own go ahead and CLICK HERE. If you decide that you have more important things to do like chill out on the back patio with a cold bevy in hand then feel free to get Natalie to do it for you!

Facebook Business Page Set-Up Package $200 

Natalie will set up your Business Page for you!  Set up includes:

  • Customized Cover photo for the page
  • All Page Info & Page Settings
  • 4 starter status update posts to get you started!

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