What the heck is Houzz…and why should my business be there?

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can my business make money on houzz

What the heck is Houzz…and why should my business be there?

Should your business have a Houzz profile?

Houzz is a great platform (mobile & desktop) for looking at images of great Home Decor and Design Ideas.  If your target demographic is women between the age of 30-45 that would typically read some sort of Home Design magazine, then get your Business on Houzz ASAP!

As a consumer you can browse the Houzz site on your desktop (or from your phone with their awesome app) through thousands of photographs that highlight house design, home decor, DIY ideas and even products.  Browse by room or by styles such as Modern, Traditional and even Eclectic.  Find something you like and want to save….then you can simply add it to your own “ideabook” for future reference

As a business you can upload all of your product images with descriptions (you can even list prices). Upload images of projects your company has completed to share with potential consumers, such as house building, flooring installation, painting, landscaping, decorating, deck building, etc.  Get on to Houzz to highlight before and after images; consumers love those.  Offer TIPS and start discussions…. Start building relationships and your brand on Houzz!

Here are a few great examples of what is happening on Houzz:

Example of Before & After Images on Houzz

Example of Tips & Ideas on Houzz

Ready to get your business on Houzz,?  Contact Natalie now!


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Make money on twitter

3 Reasons your business sucks on Twitter!

Are you doing one of these 3 things on Twitter?  You SUCK!

Twitter is like a “party”.  Would you ever enter a party and start yelling at everyone about yourself?  NO…. At the party you would (hopefully) join into a conversation with others and be a part of what they are talking about.  Twitter is the same thing! If you are doing any of the following things on Twitter.. you will limit your success on that platform (be the dork at the party):

  1. You only talk about yourself
  2. Not offering value  
  3. Insist you are the expert (who cares?)



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Should my business be on Pinterest?

Should your business be on Pinterest?

Category : Pinterest

I get asked this all the time… What Social Media Platforms should my business be on?  Pinterest is a fantastic platform if you have an e-commerce website or would like to drive people to product pages.  When you create a “Pin” (image) on a board on Pinterest, the images is clickable back to whatever page you would like to send people to.  Make sure your images are professional looking and would appeal to the consumer you are looking for!

make money on pinterest