Who is Natalie

Who is Natalie McClendon and why would you care?

Hi My Peeps! For some reason you have landed on this page and I have no reason why. I guess I better write a little something here to fill the empty page. I am Natalie and I’m pleased to virtually introduce myself to you! I have been an entrepreneur since I was a teenager. I am not going to bore you with the details of the many business ventures in my life… For the last decade I have been working as a Social Media Manager and have had the pleasure of teaming up with MANY businesses, Artists & Non-profits here in Canada.. and Dog Rescue in the USA… a musician in London.. and one celebrity here in Canada. My work has allowed me to travel to Italy twice, Spain, London, Ireland, New York, Las Vegas and Hawaii many times. I could NOT have asked for more! I am so grateful for ALL of my experiences; even the challenging ones (I have learned a lot). Here is one amazing tidbit that I want to share with you…. I have NOT spent $1 on promoting my Social Media work. All of it has been acquired via “word of mouth”. I find that quite ironic since I work to help businesses sell their services and products. I have been able to use some of that same magic to assist them with their marketing goals. You may also see a “shop” section on this website. The shop items are part of my personal Essential Oil interest. I ended up adding a shopping cart for friends that wanted to order more. I have many interests.. so don’t be surprised if you see other random pages added that also have NOTHING to do with my Social Media work. I am now also working on my Life Coach certification. So far.. so good!! Who knows where that will take me. I look forward to seeing where that boast sails. In the meanwhile I am looking to offer what I have learned during this Social Media management decade to those that are completely intimidated by the world of Social Media. So if have ever asked yourself “WFT am I supposed to do with my Facebook Business Page?” or “WTF is a #Hashtag and why should I care?” be sure to stay tuned for more info. Information sessions will be offered throughout BC soon…. Cheers and I look forward to talking with you more!